Ghost Tag Game

A fun twist on the traditional game. Fast-paced and challenging. How long can you last against a ghost? He can appear anywhere and anytime.

Tag the ghost to earn points before the score counts down to zero. Timer allows you to check your skill.

Play tag with a ghost. It's fun!

An entertaining game app for everybody.
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Ghost Tag
And it's free!

Dodgeball Terror Touch: Free Version Game

Keep good guy Elbert safe from the mean dodgeballs.
Avoid the dodgeball terror. Funny and exciting action game. 50 fun levels!

Gain 1,000 points to advance to the next level for fun surprises and dodgeball terror. Fast fun. Laughs. And terror. A humorous game app for everybody.

Dodgeball Terror Touch: Free Version

Also available is a Tilt version. Try the demo for free.
Dodgeball Terror: Tilt Demo

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Instant Peace App

Instant Peace is a tap away. This soundboard is great for relaxation or meditation.

Relax with a choice of four peaceful sounds. Close your eyes and escape to a beach with waves gently coming to shore. Or nightingales singing at daybreak in a forest. Listen to wind chimes gently blowing or the sweet melody from a flute.  Download today!

Instant Peace Lite
has 1 relaxing sound. And it's free!

Instant Peace
has 4 relaxing sounds. Only 99 cents! No ads. Timer.

Cute Cat Singers App

Cat sounds as a playable piano with real live cat meows in different tones.

It includes easy-to-follow sheet music for  classic songs. An instant replay button allows you to hear your last tune. A reset button clears your recorded music or you can simply close your playing sessionDownload today!

Cute Cat Singers Lite
has sheet music with 5 songs. And it's free!

Cute Cat Singers
has sheet music with 15 songs. Only 99 cents! No ads.
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